Choosing Security Cameras Unlimited

Security Cameras Unlimited uses the latest technology to help protect you, your family or your Business. Our High Definition Security Camera Systems will provide you with crisp views of your property from any location. After installation, the technicians will walk you through setting up the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system or Network Video Recorder (NVR) system, how to use the play back features and any other relevant features that have been selected by you. After installation, we provide technical support to all of our clients.

No Minimums

 We do not require a minimum number of cameras for your security system, we will only give you what you need. Clients are able to make changes to the recommended plans when we are discussing your options.

Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems are extremely reliable. These security systems are designed to operate 24/7/365.

The Process

1. A security professional will perform a needs analysis and an audit of your current setup and location.

2. We will recommend custom solutions to fit your needs and budget.

3. We will install on a date of your convenience.

Security Camera Systems

We do not recommend buying “Pre-Made” security camera packages. Many clients view these systems as a great option, but they are usually low quality security camera systems. Security Cameras Unlimited will install customer provided security camera systems, but we will not offer a warranty or support for the products. 

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Comparison Chart

Security Cameras Unlimited Store Bought/ Self Install
Camera Mega Pixels 1.3 MP – 12.3 MP 400 TVL – 2 MP
Wireless Camera Optional Only Option
Tracking Optional Not Offered
Night Vision 60 – 394 Feet 60 – 100 Feet
NVR Included Additional Cost
Hard Drive 2 TB – 8 TB 500 GB
PTZ Optional Not offered
Wiring Included 60 foot Premade cable
Remote Viewing Included at no cost for life Additional Cost
Warranty 3 years 30 – 90 days
Mounting Hardware Included Additional cost
Installation Included Additional Cost/Self install


Mega Pixels – Unit of graphic resolution equal to one million pixels and is how digital cameras are measured. The higher the number of mega pixels, the better the resolution will be.
TVL – Television Lines or TVL is a unit of measure for quality of analog cameras. TVLs can range from 300 TVL – 1000 TVL. 1000 TVL is equivalent to .94 Mega Pixels.
NVR – The Network Video recorder is the device that powers the cameras and stores the recorded video.
PTZ – Pan, tilt and zoom refers to the cameras ability move laterally, horizontally and zoom, which is controlled by the NVR.
Wireless Cameras – Wireless cameras are cameras that do not need an NVR, but are required to be plugged in and will reduce the quality of your Wifi in your home. Most wireless cameras record on a Micro SD chip with a max size of 16 GB.
Tracking – A tracking camera has built in software that detects motion and follows the object until the object moves out of range.