Wired vs Wireless Systems

We receive a lot of questions from our customers on the difference between wired surveillance systems and wireless surveillance systems. In this article you will learn the difference between the systems and why we prefer to utilize the wired system.

Wireless Myths  

  • You don’t need wires – This is a partial myth, there are some systems that allow you to recharge batteries, which is technically wireless. The downside to these systems they need to be recharged weekly, which leads to downtime when you forget to recharge the batteries. Battery life is impacted by weather, more frequent recharges are required in the winter months.

  • Wireless Cameras are cheaper to install – Wireless Camera Systems still need to be plugged in, which requires the security technicians to run wires. If an outlet is not in the vicinity of the wireless camera, you will need an electrician to install an outlet.

  • NVRs are not required – Some wireless cameras systems do not require a centralized Network Video Recorder, but most system do. The wireless connectivity often “Drops” which leads to missing recording segments. Video will not be saved to your NVR during this time.

  • Wireless Systems Can record locally – Wireless systems typically have Micro SD slots, but we find those cards are often corrupted and the video that is stored on the device is lost.

We recommend wired systems because they are reliable and self contained. There are no concerns with excessive bandwidth usage and the NVR is customizable. Hardwired Cameras Systems have additional settings that can be leveraged to provide the best image quality available .

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